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Originally Posted by MOCKBA View Post
Hi Girls,
Finally my dealer pushed me to do all recalls (all about engine, pump, and reprogramming), so I decided to bring my car for dealer taking it apart. So I got 328 loaner. I already had it in past and generally was pleasant, however this time it was awful. Fist, it is about power, I had impression if I floor it, it gains power reasonably well and push a car ahead. But not at this time, the car just started jerking; instead just smoothly push me in seat. I got guess that people just used low grade gas for it, since after refueling with proper gas it started behave better. Another problem is stability, if for 135 I need just slightly put some force to steering wheel to manage my car in line, I have to literally slightly turn steering wheel of 328. Thin steering wheel also gave me a problem in confident grip, I used to have “M” style thick wheel. I have to slow 328 in turn because the car gave me fear that it can get out of control. I didn’t find also new iDrive more convenient, instead of managing 1 button and knob I have to manipulate with a bunch of buttons and no any usability improvements. Sports seats of 135 are more supportive and comfortable. On positive note I can tell that 328 has much better noise isolation. But I drive convertible. So I am certainly glad that I selected 1 against 3.
. Why do you complain. The new I drive is better. If u think thats a bad car, my old Mercedes dealer gave me a jeep liberty. It was slow ugly and low quality. I find the 328 pleasant