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Track day tires and rims for 1M

Hi you guys,

Stock tires are 19" 265/35 rear, and 19" 245/35 front, high performance Michelins.
To be honest, these tires are too expensive for me to smoke up a set for each 1 or 2 trackdays.

So I was thinking getting some 18" rims and tires.

Any comments on what 18" will do to the track and road holding performance of our 1M ?
I should get 265/35 as well, or 265/40, or .... ?
And anyone have any ideas on cheaper tires, with relative good performance, available in the 265/35 18" format or even semi slicks ?

Thanks for your input.

PS: I'm in for the best fun, not for the best lap times. Might even throw in a powerslide every now and then...

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