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Thumbs up //APEX\\ ARC-8 Light Weight Track Wheels 18x8.5/18x9.5 1 series specific

APEX ARC-8 Light Weight 18" Track Wheels - 1 Series Specific Sizes
By Aftermarket Performance EXpress -



Run 265 or 275 Rear tires with ease. NO fender modifications!
Fit up to a 255 Front tire with camber plates
Extremely light, and clears all Big Brake Kits
Squared or Staggered options available


18x8.5" (ET45) 18.10lbs $289
18x9.5" (ET62) 18.20lbs $314

1 Series Fitment

Wide Square and Staggered Fitment Options Available

18x8.5" ET45
This offset was designed specifically for the 1 series to properly fit a 1" wider wheel and meaty rubber up front
This wheel can be used on it's own on all 4 corners as a square setup or as the front wheels of a staggered setup
This wheel will accept 235/40/18 tires without fender or strut tube rubbing on a stock or lowered 1 series
245/35/18 or 255/35/18 tires can be used when combined with camber plates.
Some extreme summer and r-compound tires may require a 3-5mm spacer for proper strut tube clearance
Fender rolling and trimming of the bumper tab may be required with wide 255/35/18 tires

18x9.5" et62
The secret weapon for massive rear grip
This wheel allows for the fitment of 265/35/18 and 275/35/18 street tires with zero rubbing in the rear
Your car can be stock or lowered, these wheels will fit with wide rubber
Their unique offset takes full advantage of the rear room available and keeps the tire from touching the fender
3 series offsets do NOT work on the 1 series unless you want to run rubber band
This specialty offset is needed to run a wide rear tire, not just a wide rear wheel

What works and what doesn't
Camber plates are a must for anything wider than 235/40/18 up front
All 265 and 275 street tires work on the rear - but not all r-compounds do
We DO NOT guarantee that anything will fit. Not all tires are made the same and other modifications can effect fitment
There are numerous threads on this forum the show what's already been done
We recommend reviewing those threads or consulting with us to fully understand this specialty fitment
You can contact us directly for feedback on your specific application

Wheel Details:

Manufacturing process:
All APEX wheels are flow-formed resulting in a light weight, track and street worthy wheel.
Flow-forming significantly reduces weight in the barrel by rolling the barrel out into it's final shape using large wheels/disks applying high pressure.
This step is the same step that monoblock forged wheels go through to shape their barrels.
By doing this, the flow-formed wheel's barrel has the same density and strength as a traditional forged wheel.
This significantly reduces rotational mass at the furthest point from the center, which is the most important weight savings area on a wheel.

These wheels are fully VIA and JWL certified with a load rating of 1550lbs.
Don't be fooled by competitors that claim to be certified, but cannot provide registration numbers.
There are vendors on this forum selling wheels that are not certified, yet they claim they are.

The wheels will be available in 4 finishes
Hyper Silver
Satin Black

Comes with carbon-look APEX center caps
Accepts OEM Roundel center caps
Install using your factory lugs or a stud conversion
Accepts wheel spacers including 5mm thickness, while remaining hub-centric
TPMS compatible

Hyper Silver

Hyper Black


Satin Black