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Adaptive Headlight Warning Icon

Long story short, my adaptive headlights stopped working. I have the Alpine HID system and currently have stock D1S bulbs in.

There is no moisture whatsoever in the headlights, the only 2 times times the headlights were even open were when I was having my HID's reinstalled by an authorized BMW service and collision center months ago, and as far as I can tell the caps were put on 100% correct. And then again when I switched out some bulbs, completely dry sunny day, put the caps on 100% correct again (I feel like I've done this 50 times by now haha). That was months ago, and I have driven in the wet weather dozens of times, survived varying temperatures, etc. Now, all of a sudden, and seemingly out of nowhere, I keep getting a warning icon in the dash.

While both headlights turn on with no problem, they don't swivel left and right. The headlights also don't go up and down any more when I turn the car on. I don't think the H3's light up any more either, because they haven't turned on when I put my directionals on, but I've only checked this while in park (so I can get out and look), and I'm not sure they turned on in park to begin with. Everything else (H8, turn signals, and d1s other than the turning feature) work great.

Any ideas?

I don't want to bring it in for service for this because it's a pain, and they know I run aftermarket H8s and always give me grief, even though H8 bulb replacement is a simple procedure outlined in the freakin' MANUAL. If they don't want us to do it, why is it there?

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