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Thanks for all of the support guys!!! I like to idea of getting members to donate money to support haha but that doesnt seem reasonable at the moment. Maybe after I am able to compete for a bit il try and do something where i do a whole portion of the car and for a 5$ per person your name will be vinyld on...

for the time being im trying to find where to get a 2 way lsd hopefully at cost in return for promoting the product at drift events and other car related events.

A buddy of mine is coming by to get the footage from me today to edit a little clip. Nothing special but il post it when were done.

As far as future events i am figuring out how to get the budget to run all of the remaining Top Drift events this season as well as maybe a few Vegas Drift proams. Thats 16 days of drifting with Top Drift and 4? days of vegas drift. at 2 sets of rears per day thatsa lotta rubber. (maybe even the pro am invitational if I can get an invite as getting a formula d license is my goal)