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Igofast I can really relate to what you said... makes a lot of sense.

suspension is set at about 50% stiffness in the front and its as hard as it will go in the rear. Tire pressure were probably 38 hot up front and i didnt really check the rears when they were hot but started at 38-40 cold... trying to make sure they didn't have too much grip only problem was that the tires delam a lot easier when the tire pressure is to0 high but thats a problem im going to have to deal with until i can get the rear end properly set up. Im learning so dont take what i say too seriously, but i do listen a lot and ask questions as much as i can and thats what i learned from the people there.

my alignement was not the best that weekend planned on getting the car aligned this week. dont know toe but the camber should have been around 2.3-2.5neg in the front and about 1.3-1.5 in the rear.static of course. the rear was lowered a tiny bit so there was probably some more camber. the car really liked to squat down when i got on the power so i think less camber would be ideal so i can make use of more of the tire. il post pics of the tires soon