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Originally Posted by snowfro View Post
Hey guys I'm picking up my car June 17th at 4:00pm @ Welt! I'm thinking about my itinerary I wonder if any of you have some advice?

Here's the plan:

Arrive in Munich around 8am on June 17th. My friend will be joining me from Koln at the same time. We will go to the factory tour and the BMW museum and then go to my 2:30 appointment to pick up the car.

The plan is to stay in Munich and have some beers that night. So we'll probably head to a couple of bars but if you have any recommendations I'd love to hear about it. I wonder if there are any festivals that night in Munich?

Next morning we would like to wake up and drive to the ring, but we are in no rush. I was thinking we can take a long way around through the Swiss alps maybe? I would love to get some great pictures of the 1m in the countryside.

We do not plan on driving the ring until Sunday so we literally have ALL DAY Saturday to make this drive. Does anyone have any scenic recommendation as to how we should drive from Munich to the ring? I would love to meet some of you fellow enthusiasts along the way if you're interested, of course if there was an opportunity to take photographs with some other 1ms in the alps I think that would be incredible!

Finally, I will be at the ring on Sunday June 19th and if any of you out there plan on being there please let me know we should meet up.

Looking forward to hearing your recommendations!

My (1 Euro Delivery completed) advice:

1. Skip "staying in Munich for beers" after you get the car. If you must do the Munich tourist stuff, which I do recommend, then get there a day or two early. Once you get the car, don't PARK it: drive it!

2. I agree with another response: go to the Black Forest. Head south to Neuschwanstein, then west along the southern border of Germany. Come up, maybe stop in Stuttgart (visit Porsche if you'd like!), then head to the Black Forest. You can spend the night there.

3. From there, head north to the 'ring.

My route in 2008:

Freiburg im Breisgau
Beaune, France

Basically same thing I'm suggesting to you, up through Freiburg. That's where you'll head north and I headed SW into France.
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