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Theses vehicles do not have a set schedule mileage wise as to when they get serviced. no 2 cars are exactly alike. Each car calculates itself based upon fuel consumed, rpm, temp, start stops, etc etc etc.

the first servcie is ( on average approx 12 to 15k )
oil service
Standard scope ( resetting lights)

second service is ( on average 12 to 15k from last service )
oil service
standard scope ( resetting lights)
Airfilter replaced every second oil service

at about 25k ( which most time's coincides with second service, the veh gets a vehicle check.. this is a full body inspection and wear item measurment )

Brake fluid is changed every 2years
Micro filter is replaced when Brake fluid flush is done

Plugs on the 135 / 335 are replaced at approx every 40k

There is no coolant flush, or trans flush, or diff flush or fuel filter that is scheduled
(1M's differ here due to specific 1M maint schedule)

Wipers are allowed once per year./

Brakes are done when sensor triggers which is approx 3MM ( new pads are 11mm or so )

There is a special note on oil services.. the annual oil service. This is done on low mileage vehicles at least once per year.. in some cases it is possible too get 2 oil changes in one year due to the low mileage oil service rule because the lights are not reset.

I hope that clears it up. ???
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