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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
That isn't in dispute and I agree (the total for all of my upgrades would definitely put me into a 1M and I could probably wing the difference to get a 1M as well)....but for those of us that have done it in a timely stretched out manner, trading "up" for a 1M with minimal performance gain versus our already tuned cars is something we are less likely to be inclined to do. Seriously I would love to see someone drive my car and then drive the 1M and tell me it is faster....even around the track with minimum suspension upgrades.....
maybe its because of all the mods on my friggin subaru with all the possible fitment issues and sqweeks and sqwables and such and such that make a prepared factory car feel more apealing to me ....often times the mods work out great for some time ,then you have to adjust something or reorder something else.....the peace of mind that comes with buying a 1m fore me is priceless...btw i'm a concrete foundations contractor in canada and i have been working at it since i'm 17 , ankle deep in shit all year round ,i'm no rich man but i know value when i see it......i think..