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Originally Posted by adrean8j View Post
The 1M is simply a better 135i....and that is what it was intended to be...but it isn't better enough for many people that own tuned 135i's to trade/sell their cars for it. I think the OP wrote his question for this very reason....
Actually I wasnt trying to determine if it is or "isnt better enough" to trade up for it. Thats subjective, I plan on getting a 1M even if I dont sell the 135, and Im actually planning on adding even another car to the garage later this summer too (Ill decide that after one of the factory tours I take this summer in Europe).

I just wanted to know how the thrust, power, etc feels because everyone is ranting about it but I feel that those who go from a tuned car or even a car just running a piggyback with map 3 or 5 will be somewhat disappointed. I thought maybe there is a slim chance that the M actually will impress across the board and wanted clarification. This way I go into it with more realistic impressions.

I feel like I know the real answer, I just wanted to hear it from someone that experienced both cars first hand. In the end as I stated previously the point is moot because anyone with a piggyback or flash can just add that to the M and be back where they were in their 135.