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Question Where the heck is Alpine?

For weeks I have been trying to get a hold of Alpine MSS. Either Alex (Alex@Alpine) or Leo (Leo@Alpine). A while ago I got a hold of Alex briefly on AOL Instant Messenger, but I wasn't even at the computer when he responded and then he was gone by the time I was back. I've emailed, I've PMed a couple times.. and nothing.

Last I heard from Alex I was interested in buying some extra bulbs for the HID kit, but he wasn't feeling too well but said to contact him later and he'd hook me up. However, now one of my ballasts cracked and the bulb does not start up reliably so I need a replacement... So I apologize for being insensitive and I truly hope everything's alright, but I can't really keep going with a bulb that doesn't turn on half the time, requiring a couple restarts of the car.

Anyone do business with them recently? No phone number on their website, and no answer from anyone to my PMs here..

I love the product and I know Alex is a stand-up guy with great customer service, but after a couple weeks of trying to get a simple replacement ballast or an extra set of bulbs, I don't know what to do.. Would like to hear if anyone's had any success in contacting Alex or Leo...

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