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Winter tire 1m discussion

I would like to start the winter tire discussion on this thread. Specifically for those in the north who will likey not be putting the car out in 4-6 inches of snow but still would like to cruise in the and on the cold asphalt.

Personally I would like to know/ share information on what rims and tires are available for this beast in 6-8 months.

I am looking to get 18" rims with the offset pattern similar to what has come with the vehicle. 17" would be ideal ... But I don't know if I will clear the calipers

The Calculations for offset that I have been able to make using is the following:

The object in these cases is to be able to use the same stock tire sizes of 245 front/ 265 rear with different aspect ratios to accomplish the same offset.

Using the stock set of
9.0 wide x 19" x 31mm offset (Front)
10.0 wide x 19" x 25mm offset (Rear)

Offset Calculation for 8.5 front and 10 rear in an 18" diameter:

Front - 8.5" wide x 18" x 25mm offset - this will keep the outside face of the wheel in its' current position and the inside face of the wheel (the part closer to the center of the car) will retract by 12mm

Front - 8.0" wide x 18" x 18mm - this will keep the outside face the same and the inside face will retract by 26mm

Rear - 9.5" wide x 18" x 19mm - this will keep the outside face the same and retract 12mm on the inside

Rear - 10" wide x 18" x 25mm - These dimensions will remain unchanged from the stock configuration as the wheel width is the same.

The Tires:

Stock Tires Read as follows:
245/35 R19 Front
265/35 R19 Rear

Using an 18" Winter tire to obtain the minimal loss of rotational speed using the following:
245/40/18 = 0.1% too FAST (Traveling at 60mph = 59.9mph in reality)
265/40/18 = 0.2% too SLOW (Traveling at 60mph = 60.1mph in reality)

235/40/18 = 1.4% too FAST (Traveling at 60mph = 59.2mph in reality)
245/45/18 = 1.4% too SLOW (Traveling at 60mph = 60.9mph in reality)

What a science...

Tire prices care of TireRack:

(Front) Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 245/40/18 = $233.00 each
(Rear) Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 245/45/18 = $229.00 each

(Front) Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 245/40/18 = $243.00 each
(Rear) Michelin Pilot Alpin PA3 245/45/18 = $245.00 each

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