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Originally Posted by Rasya View Post
What did you pay those wheels in belgium?

Does anybody know why BMW is putting 265 tires on a 19x10" wheel? The tires appear undersized to me, I would think (as GS poses) you could fit 275 or even 285 on the standard 1M rims, no? My sincere apologies if I'm talking crap here

Anyway, my plan for an extra set of rims was to buy gunmetal Advan RS's, sized 18x9 and 18x10 or 18x8.5 and 18x9.5.
My dot-spec track tires on those rims would be 255 and 275/285.
And for winter use (maybe in two years or so, for now I'm good with my audi A3) I thought of 235/245 and 255/265.

Can anyone tell me about the possibilities here? Am I dreaming or is this possible. I really want track wheels, but I feel absurd buying 2 extra sets of

Thanks to anyone with ideas

The moto safety car has the 265/F-285/R setup. So it shouldn't be a problem