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Originally Posted by Dan Parker View Post
I'm not sure I follow this statement. What options are you talking about? Do you mean oem or aftermarket? If it's aftermarket I don't expect to see anything out for a little while since the car is just a few weeks since release.
BMW oem spring application are taken from a master list of options to attach to the vehicle. There are lots of different springs to choose from and depending on the options, the spring rate changes..

for instance.. if you pick nav and high end stero on the same car, the springs are a different part Number, meaning they are different in some way.. It has long been discussed that the more options the more spring rate the car needed so if you want high spring rates, pick a spring that has all the options ticked off next to it.

The "M3" marked springs are from an M3, we just dont know which one ( or with which options, or lack there of )
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