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Regarding build quality, you're barking up the wrong tree. You want something that's going to last, Japanese is the way to go. Don't buy a BMW to save money over time, because you won't.

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ouch. no temp reading? Is there a solution for this? or is there a dash light that alerts the driver if the engine is cold (or hot)? I've never driven with runflats, but have heard negativity from more than one person. What's wrong with them?
I was at a track day revving up in the 6-7000's all day, for about 4 hours, 15 minutes on, 15 minutes off, and never had any temperature problems. If BMW doesn't put the gauge, you don't need it

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How's the stereo anyhow? And do you know the year when they downgraded the stereo? I have to say, sound quality is pretty important to me.
Stereo is alright. If you really want sound, maybe opt for the hi-fi package (if they still have it) or install something custom. I have regular and I'm happy.

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I just got Pirelli P-Zero Neros for my Protege, so I'm assuming it'll be a big downgrade. dang. Yeah, a 6-speed is imperative for me; manual or go home I guess I'll look into replacement alternatives to the runflats.
Yeah, pick up some good quality tires. I'm still on the RFT's, they really aren't that bad for everyday driving, and even on the track (I wasn't going timed, just having fun pushing it hard) were more than adequate. In the wet they give just enough slip to have lots of fun at wide intersections (with nobody around, of course).

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Respectively, I have to disagree with this statement about the 128i being an enthusiast car especially if you drive a auto in this car. The power isn't "there" to really be considered an enthusiast car.
I have to respectfully disagree with your statement. While there's no single definition of an enthusiast car, I would say it's something that embodies the brand's heritage and the individual's beliefs of what makes a car great. American muscle cars have different "entusiast" qualities than German racecars or Japanese rally cars.

However, in my opinion, since we're talking about BMW here... the ultimate enthusiast car is the E30 M3. A car that was powered at between 200 to 240hp with a naturally aspirated inline 4 cylinder engine. The Evo was about as quick to 60mph as the 128i.

Indeed, many "enthusiast" cars from the Italian car makers were underpowered by today's standards. But I don't think that just because there are 300hp and 340hp versions of the 1 series (or a 440hp version of the M3), that it makes a 230hp car, or a 180hp car for that matter, any less spectacular.