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Originally Posted by 3magine View Post
The Focus is incredibly ugly on the outside,
All in the eye of the beholder. I think it looks fantastic. Hence, why I bought a brand new just before production stopped (now with 400 bhp and zero wheelspin, apart from 1st gear where it struggles).

Originally Posted by 3magine View Post
and I thought it couldn't get any worse on the inside, but unfortunately it did.
I agree. Really dislike the red leather seats in the RS500. Made me skip it, and I bought a regular instead (in Frozen White).

Back to the comparison: I personally think it's kinda incredible that a FWD Focus does so well against a BMW M and an Audi RS. Then dump price into the mix and the Focus RS really shines. Make no mistake, though. I would really like a 1M some day. No doubt about it.
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