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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
Yes, the 1M won out, but there is one weakness in almost every M review.
BMW is never the fastest in its class in a straight line.

I refuse to accept that somehow an M-car HAS to be slower to achieve good handling.
That assumption is complete misnomer.

No wonder BMW has such a humongous tuning and aftermarket cottage industry.
They're never the best on ALL points off-the-lot.
It is hardly a surprise that the RS3 comes out faster in a 0-100 kph sprint. The AWD will allow for a much harder launch and the DSG will probably shift faster than it is possible for most humans to copy. Add to this that the 1M may even lose traction for a split-second when shifting from 1st to 2nd on WOT whereas the AWD Audi will just bite, bite, bite.

But okay, even in the 100-200 kph sprint the RS3 showed a 0.2 sec advantage (13 vs 12.8). Again, maybe that DSG box helps the (boring) Audi a little...
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