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Originally Posted by drufe View Post
My setup is extremely close as well, but doesn't touch either. I'm going to be removing and inspecting the tires this weekend to be sure. I might end up going with a 3mm spacer in front if I notice any rubbing. Is there a spacer that you recommend?
doesnt really matter... a spacer is a spacer. with a spacer as thin as 3mm it's almost a guarantee to be difficult to remove from the hub if it gets seized on there (which it will), so it would be a smart idea to cut a couple little notches in the backside of the spacer around the edge to be able to fit a flat-head screw-driver in there to pry it off later. some spacers come with these cutouts already.

edit: i assume it goes without saying that you should select a spacer with the correct chamfer to make them properly hubcentric. i've never seen one on the market that wasn't chamfered, but i'm sure they exist. h&r, macht schnell, and probably 100 other brands make spacers for this car that im sure would all be fine. don't forget extended bolts too.

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