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Hi guys,

It seems that not all cars are the same, as people are reporting varying degrees of drone from none to really terrible and mine is in the really terrible slot from 2300 to 2600 rpm under very light load. Accelerating through that range, the sound is actually quieter and I don't hear the drone, but you can't be accelerating all the time.

It's a pity that those lucky ones who don't have it or it's such that they don't mind, should brand the ones who do have it as a bunch of cry-babies complaining about a bit of noise.

My car is booked in to an exhaust specialist on the 14th for them to sort it out.
I have told them I want a louder (yes, LOUDER) amd more meaningful exhaust but without this damned unpleasant drone. I want something that will have me winding the windows down just to hear it. I think the 1M is too quiet about what it can do.

Even if the dealer gets on about the warranty thing this drone will have to go and I will post the result when it's done.