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Originally Posted by gazz View Post
I agree. If BMW said "we can eliminate the drone but you will lose power and / or the exhaust note", I would say leave it as it is. Do you have a 1M? If yes then you are qualified to comment on the particular drone this car produces as you would have experienced it. If not then you are only making a general comment about exhaust sounds not pertinent to the 1M's drone.

You seem to assume that you can only have a performance exhaust with a drone or a non performance exhaust without a drone. There are performance exhausts that produce more power and more sound without a drone. Why can't BMW do this? As I said, if there is a technical reason why they had to compromise with the exhaust then so can I.

But I doubt it.
My 1M is not here yet... my 135 has a bad drone at a particular RPM in a particular gear. I cannot now tell you which RPM or which gear as I have forgotten since getting used to the drone over the past 3 years. Plus, I shift out of it, or punch the throttle. I guarantee you that my drone is worse than any 1Ms, its even worse than the drone in one of my Vipers.

I have yet to see or go from OEM to less restrictive exhaust and not experience some drone. Some worse than others but always some drone.

Anyone not having aftermarket exhaust before and getting into the 1M may have expected something similar to a 135 but deeper in note. They werent pleasantly surprised. Ill admit, I didnt anticipate a drone in the 1M, and would have been surprised had it not been for these threads/posts. That however is different from design flaw, or defective product.

I could be wrong and we will eventually find out, but I think one or two legitimate complaints brought the aforementioned customers out of the woodwork.