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Originally Posted by EmmDrei View Post
And that surprises you? The thread starter had how many miles on his car when he started the thread? Stick the key in and start whining. Yippieyeah! Mine doesn't just stand around, I drive it. That's why I bought it. And honestly... I think, I've been through all the rev range in all the gears often enough by now. I've driven a total of four 1Ms (including my own) and exactly NONE had a "drone problem" non less a "syndrome". They all droned in the same rev range and I am sure, that that was meant to be and is part of the sound design. Actually, I think I have even recorded the effect. See this video, go to 1:50 and you hear how the sound changes. And it could be just about the rev range in question. The cars I have driven so far, including my own, ALL sound exactly like that. If your cars are different, i.e. louder, more annoying, then where is the problem to record it? Three quarters of the 1M owners probably have Iphones or Pods. The video I have linked to was made using my Ipod Touch. So yes, you're right, I lack compasion.

Dude, quit being on my case, my car has 500 miles on it so far, and, I am SO SORRY I cannot drive it like you do, because I have to work and pay for the frickin thing.
@ 1:50 Your video has more tire noise than exhaust sound...
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