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Originally Posted by hcourville View Post
Firstly, can somebody post the MY2012 for the E90 sedan. I would like to see that the E90 sedan is still going to be here for 2012. Because I would think that they're ending that sedan all together, are they not? Or limiting it to a short six month production. Which is why they are stopping the M3 sedan. To prepare for the next gen.
The E90 3 series officially ends production as of October of this year, or December of this year for South African models. The M3 sedan thus ends in October as well (it is produced in Leipzig, IIRC). Here is the thread that confirms this:

This sort of leaves MY2012 in limbo for the 3 series sedan. At this point it seems that the F30, coming sometime in the spring of 2012, will be the MY2012 3 series. However, typically BMW tends to introduce new models as one year earlier than their calendar year debut in the US. So it is still theoretically possible that the F30 will be called a MY2013. This, however, would present a somewhat unprecedented situation whereby they would actually have to *skip* the 2012 model year for the 3 series. That seems far fetched. But theoretically it is possible.
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