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Originally Posted by Jason View Post
The F30 is going to begin as a 2012 Model Year.
Thanks Jason.

That makes the most sense given that we now know the E90 will be out of production before the end of 2012. Still, since we know the F30 won't go on sale here until sometime in the spring (late spring is the rumor), this will mean that the first few months of 2012 will have BMW dealerships in the US selling MY2011 E90s - and ones that were produced, at the latest, in December 2011. It seems a strange business strategy. Not only are they forced to sell cars that will be perceived as a year old, but also the brand new F30s will not get that typical advantage a new car gets of having its model year be greater than the calendar year (which people see as an advantage for resale). This whole thing is such a surprise - exactly the opposite of how the E46->E90, E39->E60, and most recently, E60->F10 changeovers were handled. It is almost like BMW NA was trumped by AG on this one or something.

Anyway, it is what it is.