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Originally Posted by M12Power View Post
As for the Z4 sDrive35is, will it be produced in 2012 (no Z4 production sheet was posted)? The Z4 sDrive35is N54 does have the same rating as the 1M N54, but that doesnít mean they are totally identical, either.
True. It's not that they have the same rating, it's that the ARE IDENTICAL, that makes them identical. Even the "revised piston rings" are the same for both.

If you don't want an M vehicle with a non-M engine, then don't get one. But don't state or imply something that is known to be different.
... a glorious V8 that screamed and hollered as the revs rose and then howled in an orgy of what sounded like BDSM ecstasy as it neared the red line.
Well, you can forget all that. The new car is fitted with a turbocharged straight six. Turbocharging? In an M car? Thatís like putting gravy on an ice cream.
- Jeremy Clarkson, discussing the S65 and then S55 M3 engines.