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Hey fellas I am super grateful for the information you've shared, it has been critical in guiding my plans.

OK as it is now I arrive at 8am and my delivery appointment is at 2:30 with the factory tour somewhere in between I believe at 11. I probably should have waited a day but I'm trying not to take that much time off of work, also I had booked my flight a long time ago and it was too late to change it. I travel a decent amount and although I expect to be tired I think the adrenaline will push me through the first day at least. I imagine I'll be done with the delivery, then go to the hotel, take a nap, and then have a beer at hofbrauhaus (thanks for the pronunciation tip Spiderz). Go back early to get some rest, then wake up early on Saturday to drive to the ring.

I figure I'll take Skyphab's route, with a detour in Stuttgart if time permits. I guess it all depends on how long it takes to get through the black forest. I'm grateful to the guys that are warning about the drive and conditions along the way, I am not ignoring your advice only using it to be even more cautious than I would normally be. I'm not taking any chances with my car, I've been dreaming of this day for too long.

I waited too long to book a hotel, I found the last room at this hotel...

Hotel Garni am Bowenberg
Auf Brohl 7
Niederzissen, 56651

I think it will be better to be closer to the Autobahn as it will be at the end of a long day of driving. Also I do not expect to spend too much time there, Literally we will sleep there and wake up to go to the ring early the next morning. By the way, I do not expect to have too much luggage, but is there a locker at the ring to store bags, etc? I will have to check out of the hotel so I will not have a place to put things that I don't want jumping around in the trunk.

The day of the ring I will buy a few tickets and test the waters. Hell they might not even let me on! If this is the case I hope I can find a rental company that will have something available for rent for the day, or at least for a few trips. There is currently no Ring Taxi correct?

So I will follow advice and let others go out there and prove they are the best driver for the first hour or so that the ring is open. This is great advice! It is similar on open track days here sometimes. The demo lap sounds like a good idea. They will ride along in my car or they will drive my car? Or will we go in one of their cars. Also I do not even want to have a helmet on because I think a helmet makes me drive harder, no need for one correct?

I hope to spend the entire day on the ring, even if not driving all the time, I want to meet others and see the great cars that go out there. That night I will probably go back to Koln with my friend and sleep at his house, and wake up early the next morning to get to my return at 9:30am in Frankfurt. This actually makes me very nervous. How is traffic on Monday? How long should I plan to drive from Koln to Frankfurt? Should I stay in a hotel closer to Frankfurt? I do not mind to wake up early, I have the entire day to sleep on the plane. I just want to make sure and get to the return appointment on time and not miss my flight of course.

Yikes I have a lot more reading to do. Thank all of you for your support. Seriously 1addicts has been a real support group for this crazy process from deposit (December 12, seems like ages ago) until now! Crazy thing is I still won't have my car until August, but honestly seeing that some people are still waiting for allocations I just thank my lucky stars my car is waiting for me already in Germany.
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