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Originally Posted by Mid Life View Post
Well its like this, as great as the 991 is and it is great believe me, it is simply too hard to live with as an everyday car. It has no boot, no real back seats and is way to precious to park just anywhere, hence I find that I only use it on weekends and then only if its not raining. I also have an Evo IX which is sort of the total opposite of the Porsche, in a way. It has 4 doors and a boot and you don't care where you park it. While its just as quick and a lot easier to drive than the porsche, its also too hard to live with, it has a very low rent interior, no GSP, no bluetooth, crap sound system and a ride like they forgot to put springs in it, but, by god its fun.

Anyway I'm hoping the 1M will be a good compromise between the two, easy to drive and fun, while at least having 2 back seats and a boot, as well as being a damn site cheaper.

PS: I was ready to buy an M3 sedan for the same reason, but when I heard about the 1M, I couldn't resist it, and it was cheaper as well. Now having read all the reviews I'm thinking it was a good move.
M3 may be a better choice if interior is a priority. 1 series's interior is spartan and of quality on par with Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, which are both great but not luxurous.
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