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Arrow Official BMW 1M Registry

Well, it's Official.....740 1M's for the United Stated!

We currently(1/12/12) have 1/3 of those registered here! Keep the VIN's coming guys!

There is 4 items we need to have:

1)Short VIN(last 5 digits)
2)Production Date

Official 1M Registry Link:

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".....what are the advantages of having the car and the registry...?"
"In most cases it's pretty useless. However, with very limited production cars it's benefits are you can keep track of total production, how many of each color there is, what number any given vehicle is in the production line(098 of 723), was the car a company press/ demo car, how many are even in existence as some are wrecked, stolen, etc. over the years. But mostly to preserve the history of the car in one organized location. That is why you see so many registrys of Pcars, Ferraris, and of course some of the more rare BMW's.

BTW, I get no personal or financial benefit. I hope this helps."

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