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Went from an '07 C2S to 1M. C2S was a daily driver getting up there in miles so needed to go before value dropped. Drove a number of GT3's, great drive but too low in front for a daily driver here even with front lift. Drove a Cayman R while waiting on the 1M, fantastic car and one I strongly considered, but when optioned up like I wanted was over $95k sticker.

1M arrived at dealer last week and after a test drive I was sold. It's the best of all worlds as a daily driver/DE car in my opinion.

I've had a lot of cars over the years including M3, M5 and 7 911's including a 930 and a 996 X50TT and for a modern daily driver the 1M is the right size in traffic and fun on the on the open road and easier to live with every day than a 911, That said, in a couple of years I'm sure I'ii be back looking at 911's, but in the interim, the 1M is a fantastic diversion.

A side benefit is that in a 1M you are not pulling up next to yourself at a stop light like in a 911.