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Originally Posted by M3Power79 View Post
Again a proof that Audi chips there presscars. O-60 in 3.8 sec.
It has the same power, more weight , no way only the DSG and the 4WD can be reponsible for that difference....
Well done Audi
This has been discussed. The 1M is faster from 5-60 then the same "chipped" RS3 and the TTRS. Point being the DSG, LC, and AWD on the Audi are indeed that good/effective...not chipped. Car&Driver has an interesting article right now about launch control mechanisms. The article has the TTRS as the third hardest launching car they have ever tested...behind only the Veyron and the Panamera Turbo but ahead the GT-R, R8, 911 Turbo S, 458, etc. This was, once again, the same car that was slower than the 1M in the 5-60 category.
Impressive stuff from Audi, nonetheless.

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