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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
I believe in doing what makes you happy as long as it doesn't hurt others so if XMs make you happy fine BUT, I don't think real car people buy those. I know Dr. Kay loves it, but I think they are bunk and don't make any sense whatsoever. You start with the tallest and heaviest platform, add a ton of more weight to power them and stop them. Chop the back to make the semi aerodynamic so there is no cargo space and you end up with a 5000 lb monstrosity that does nothing well. It's not practical, not economical, can't carry much more than a regular 5 series, squanders gas like it was the 1930s and is not a serious car. Yes they are cool in a Tonka truck sorta way, no doubt, but not a real car guy car.

Finally, those that think that run flats are for serious car people, why are M cars the only cars that don't come with them standard? You think the M engineers just figured non-runflats are cheaper so they put those on the M cars? No sir, there is a performance reason for them, so real car guys today, don't want run-flats. Maybe soon they will be as good, but today, non-runflats and a spare is still the way to go for people that like to drive hard and venture past the 200 mile runflat zone.

I remember the first car and driver review of the 335i. BMW gave CD a 335i somewhere in Austria. They had a mishap and got a flat. There was no one for hundreds of miles that stocked the tire so BMW flew one in by helicopter. That won't happen for us.
All C6 Corvettes come with run flats, even the ZR1. The ZR1 has a much higher performance threshold than any of us can muster. So to say run flats are not for serious cars or drivers is a bit much. I think they have come a long way to equalling regular tires and should not be discounted so easily.
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