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Almost 3 years and still love everything about my car...

I'm at 38,000 miles and I love my 128i. Coming from a honda civic I knew I didn't need 300 hp. I always loved the 3 series but if you ask me the E92 is too big. I don't want to drive a car big enough to fit a V8. I also don't need 4 doors but I like knowing I can fit 4 adults in a pinch. When I saw the 1 for the first time I knew I had found the car I could buy that would be fast enough from the factory that I could drive it for years before I felt I needed to modify it. I always wanted to autocross but a 95 civic ex never thrilled me the same way after driving a Z3 vert and coupe one day at a track event. I left that day with Z3 envy so I felt like the 1 was the perfect comprimise and the price was right - I could have squeaked into a 135i but with the wife in grad school I just didn't need to spend the extra 5 grand. Once I paid off her subaru I walked into the dealership and test drove a 128i auto, non-sport - and I was sold... Two weeks later I ordered my 2008 128i sport. My car has been from Maine to Florida. It's currently sitting at 38,000 miles. I work from home so I don't get to drive it daily but I make a point to drive it, and drive it hard once a week. I've done 15-20 autocrosses in Knoxville over the past 3 seasons, it's the perfect car for me - fast enough for it to get out of control but nothing crazy, just plain fun.

This sunday I'm going to drive the tail of the dragon with my dad in his corvette. It should be some fun.

I know a 135i would have been all that and faster but I just don't need 300 hp - I've got my car and I'm probably going to keep it for 10 or more years and put 200,000 miles on it. When I looked at an E36 M3 the numbers weren't that far from my lowly 128i - and to me that's the perfect size for a 2 door coupe. It hasn't been perfect with a taillight going out and the seat belt recall. Also my radio seems to decide not to work when it gets HOT, which is annoying but I still love my car. It's everything I wanted BMW to build for me.
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