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Currently working out a purchase of a used 2011 Alpine White, 6 speed, loaded from the board here. Everything is underway, and the banks should be talking to each other Monday. Hoping to fly out and drive it home over the upcoming long 4th of July weekend.

I'll keep an eye out for meets and such and hopefully meet some people, see what kind of work people have done to their cars. Mine will come with the short shifter and the BMW performance exhaust, and I'm hoping to get some suspension work done ASAP as well. Beyond that and some mild stereo upgrading I think I'll be pretty set.

I'm in the area around Como Park in Saint Paul.

I admin on, have been there since the beginning. We have a meet coming up but I'll admit it's normally a boatload of Hondas these days, things aren't like they used to be. But even then it's still fun and you never know what shows up. Anyone would be welcome.

Anyhow it looks Like I'll be joining this club officially in a week or so!