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According to my purchase order, option 760 (Shadow Line hochglänzend)
= €103.31 + 21% VAT = €125.00

According to the German specs list
= €100.84 + taxes = €120.00
(description: "BMW Individual Hochglanz Shadow Line: hochglänzende schwarze Ausstattungsumfänge")

To my understanding (judging by the pictures) the vast majority on this forum prefers the Shadow Line over the Chrome Line (or probably it's simply because the Shadow Line is a standard feature in most parts, if not any part, outside Europe).

Beware, it's an option you cannot retrofit. So you got to make up your mind before your order becomes final.

Another standard difference between European and US 1M's are front blinkers: except if mistaken, European 1M's get the white/bright ones while the US 1M's get the orange ones.