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Originally Posted by cooler2442 View Post
Well, you have to look at it from a business perspective. They need to make what the biggest number of people will buy. Thus we can't just ask them to make a lip that say only 6 people will buy. But after the first lip which is the most popular one they can make a 2nd one which will be a bit less popular but hopefully it isn't to bad. Which is why I will try to convince them to do a 2nd lip later on but no date on that yet.
Well I agree and disagree with your statements.. I agree about the business perspective and the supply vs demand thing.

However I think there are more Icarbon's out there because of the 3 situations below for lips people will possibly jump on if available:

Vorsteiner - never really got into production so not much photos
3D - very expensive and not available in carbon fiber
Icarbon - Was readily available at some point, huge marketing, huge forum presence, looks like a prototype of what Vorsteiner was going to make.

But yes thank you for your efforts on the 2nd lip though I'd prefer a full bumper replacement lol.. just a wish

I want to retract my vote for Kerscher and vote for the Hamman style!! Also, I really don't understand the votes for the iCarbon front lip design.. is it because that's all we ever really see on the forums and thus everyone wants to get one (sort of like the VMR CSL reps)??
Wait till you see my pics of the Kerscher lip haha