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iCarbon as a company fitament and price might have been shit. But the simple truth is the design of it is way better. Lips should be simple....

I can't speak for others but i like to "enhance" the stock look of a car. I want my car to be modded, but tastefully.... iCarbon or Hamann lip could easily be stock pieces. The rest of these lips and other lips not mentioned try to change way too much in my opinion and simply look bad and a lot of times rice.

IMO theres a clear reason iCarbon design wins, its simple, flows with the natural curvature of the bumper, and looks the cleanest. It doesn't take away from the flow of the car and allows for a nice flow of black or carbon fibre with dark wheels, tint, and a diffuser. That's its goal, to complete a look and keep the car clean which I think is what most users out there are after, hence, its big lead in this poll.