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Originally Posted by jthistle9 View Post
Hi all,
This my first thread! 1 Series coupe is my favourite car of all time because of its proportions, economy and performance. It is my dream to purchase this car from new but I am unsure wheather to go for a 123d with all extras, or a 135i as it is just about the same price. The 7 speed double clutch transmission in the 135i is really appealing to me. Could someone tell me how well the standard automatic transmission performes?

I Feel the same although in my Dream im driving the 1M with bigger turbos pushing out 450 BHP but anyway my dilema was the real world i need a diesel and the best was the 123d but when i drove it the gear ratio is abit short and not ideal for cruising on motorway so what i did is go for the 120d auto M Sport which is cheaper and got it FULLY LOADED But without elec seat and heated seat( the price was an issue for me and the weight it adds to the seats when u can jst use ur hands 1k not worth it) I am going to get the BMWP Engine kit and really wanted the 120d Exhaust they showed off at the show but I dont think thats out yet and doing that will bring the 120d up to same spec as 123d but it drives more refined and and gearing is more all around ontop of that you only have one turbo to worry about. just a suggestion other wise i would definately get 123d Auto.

The standard 6 speed auto is very good very smooth and most critics have been reccomending this over the manual 6 speed however the 7 speed DCT is in another league as BMW Know how to merge technology with pure driving JOY as that is the new phrase. My advice about choosing a car is real world driving. the 123d you can thrash everywhere and still get 40MPG 135I when you thrash it youl be gettin 18mpg maybe less.