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Originally Posted by Gtrain View Post
Keep us posted. Might have to look into this.
I will definitely keep everyone posted. Yes, this is the best option IMO, as I don't do piggybacks.

Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
Must have!!!
Yes, this is a must have for the 1M as it takes to another level.

Originally Posted by M3Power79 View Post
Cool! So you tuned your own car and can detune it whenever you want to? Do you need special tools for it or can i anybody do this?
The ESS Direct Flasher comes as a package deal with your tune. Yes, you can download the stock file back to your car whenever you want and then download the tuned file again if you want. Basically, once you have loaded your stock and custom tuned files to your Direct Flasher unit you have the option to download any of the files at any time. It only takes about 15 minutes or so, but it is literally as simple as plugging in a flash drive and following very simple on-screen instructions.

I did a full write-up on my 135 tune from ESS here -->

Again, more details to come shortly.

Originally Posted by 1mGator View Post
Well done .... looking forward to the "tech" info to support the butt dyno. Have fun!
Yes, I am trying to get a dyno session scheduled and should have something very soon. This holiday weekend has delayed my dyno sessions.

Originally Posted by hwelvaar View Post
The tool comes with the tune. ESS and Cobb tuning both have devices that connect to the OBDII port, if I'm not mistaken.
Yes, it comes with a handheld Direct Flasher unit that plugs directly into the OBDII port when you want to download files to your car.

Originally Posted by Tuned1 View Post
It's similar to the Cobb AP.
Similar as it plugs into the OBDII port and then you can upload/download files to and from the car. That is as much as I know as I have no experience with the Cobb AP.

Originally Posted by clived View Post
So what are you guys seeing on the dyno as the power and torque increases?
I will have some dyno numbers very soon!

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