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Coilovers vs Springs + Shocks (for street handling)

Hey guys,

So I want to upgrade my stock springs/shocks. I had my heart set of coilovers (KW) but with school costing over a grand per credit and money from my other endeavors not coming in like it used to, I can't really justify spending $1500-$2000 for a suspension that I won't really track for at least another year or two when my warranty is up. My main issue is with comfort, since I've heard mixed things about setups like h&r springs with koni yellows, etc.

I care most about improving handling and don't really wanna have a "slammed" look, but a bit of lowering looks nice. Ive heard that the stance with coilovers is nicer than that with springs + shocks? I would maybe take the car to an AutoX and definitely some spirited drives, no all out track days til my warranty is kaput. Any suggestions for a car I drive up to 2 hours daily and take on longer trips occasionally? I don't need a ridiculous track system, and even if I go with coilovers I would just set them and forget them, no real adjusting as long as I'm happy. I am just tired of the stock handling and don't want to wait for track time to come a year or two from now to change suspension parts.

tl, dr: are a spring/shock set acceptable in terms of comfort and handling for street use versus a coilover system?

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