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Arrow Car battery covered under warranty?

2009 128i with 33k miles on it. I constantly drive it since it's my only form of transportation and I've never had any problems with it until now. I went to start it a couple days ago and it wouldn't budge. Interior lights and everything would turn on but the car wouldn't crank. The time and everything has not reset either. I figured it's the battery. I jumped it with another car and it was fine.. Drove it about 10 miles and came back. I charged the car over night just to make sure the battery was fully charged and tried starting it again the next morning and I get nothing. I've researched tons of forums to see if people are paying for the battery even though it's supposed to be covered and apparently a lot of people are. WTF. I have an appointment Monday so they can see if it's my battery, alternator, etc. Has anyone had problems with batteries? Was it covered under warranty? It's really aggravating knowing I can't go down the block to the store thinking my car won't start on the way home. Thanks.

Just went to check on the charger and it hasn't moved from 93%.. Seems like it's struggling to charge.