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Originally Posted by Chrissspyy View Post
Ok it's good to know the alternator is also covered as well just in case. I leave my lights on auto all the time and I don't have comfort access. My keys always come out of my car when I'm not in it and I lock my doors every time I step out of it. My car is very basic as well, no iDrive, manual transmission, manual seats.. So it's really bizarre how anything could drain my battery. I don't even leave anything plugged in. I honestly think it's the alternator.
Thats good to know, but FYI even a base car has about 50 or so control units.... any one of them could be failing internally and be a draw on the system.. In all honesty, BMW alternators are pretty good.. they dont fail as much as you think it may. On the other hand BMW batteries are the worst thing ever invented..

My guess is they will check the battery and it will fail after recharge and they will replace it.

Good Luck.....

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