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Originally Posted by katsooba View Post

1. make sure you have driven atleat 10 km [it wont allow it for less]
2. come to a stop and press the brake during all of the next
3. press the DTC button ONCE
4. press the SPORT button
5. move the gearstick to S\M
6. WHILE PRESSING THE BRAKE - hit the gas pedal to the max! [make sure to push the kickdown switch under the pedal]

you will see the checkered flag on ya dash, and revs will stand at ~3700 rpm
when you feel ready, just leave the brake pedal and get ready to rumble

to do a burnout you just press the DTC for 10+ seconds
press the sport button
move the gear to M1
hit the gas

Awesome!!! Thanks! Will be giving this a try asap!