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Exclamation CORRECT 1M Fluids List [Engine, Transmission, Differential]

NOTE:The intent of this thread is not to call-out or put on full blast any specific dealership/service dept. It help people avoid some of the past confusion with various service centers over what fluids to use in the 1M.

07 51 0 017 866 SAE 5W-30

11 42 7 566 327

Oil Quantity: 6.5 liters or 6.9 quarts w/oil filter change.

2000km run-in requirement: Page 14/16 000110 - E82, E88, E89, E9x, F01, F02, F04, F10 - New Vehicle Preparation and Maintenance Requir.pdf
83 22 2 239 655 (MTF-LT-5)
83 22 2 239 654 (MTF-LT-5)1 L size
83 22 2 156 969 (MTF-LT-5)
83 22 2 167 666 (MTF-LT-5)
Alternate Option:
Porsche p/n 00004320729 (1 liter) (1M tranny is GS6-45BZ or S6-4 for short)[/QUOTE]

83 22 2 282 583 SAE 75W-140 SAF-XJ + FM BOOSTER
83 22 1 470 080 SAF XJ w/o Friction Modifier

Rear Diff oil Quantity: ~1.2 liters

Rear Diff TSB:
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SAMPLE INVOICE(Incorrect Service):
A. Scope Check
B. Engine Oil Service (oil + filter)
C. Rear Differential Fluid
D. Multi-point Inspection
E. Loose Part(screw) in Rear Chasis Area

If you look at C, the part number for the fluid that went into the transmission or rear diff(unknown which one) is 83 22 0 406 941. This is BMW M3 MTF-LT-2 SAE75W-80 manual transmission fluid. This seems almost unthinkable. The mechanic had to ask for this by P/N the part is then scanned by the Part Dept. and then given to the mechanic to put into the car. In this case the only fluid that was changed was the engine oil. The inccorect transmission fluid was build out by mistake but never actually put into the car and the differential fluid service was totally forgotten and never done as well.

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SAMPLE INVOICE(Correct Service Performed):
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UPDATE: April 27th, 2015 New BMW oil for USA...

Originally Posted by ///BYU View Post
I recently purchased the new oil in the United States and here's what I received:

SAE 5W-30 BMW Longlife-01. Part number is 83 21 2 365 946. The person at the parts desk looked up the previous part number for me (07 51 0 017 866) and confirmed that part number cross references to the new one. Dack, is there a way to update Metak's first post to include updated part numbers?

I also noticed the new oil is sold in liters, while the previous oil was sold in U.S. quarts (at least here in the United States). Just a heads up so you don't accidentally overfill.

Pictures below.


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