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Originally Posted by pinmagic View Post
On your dash, you should see an icon of a headlight beam with an "A" (for "automatic" or "assistant," I assume). If the beams just turn on, with no "A", then you don't have it.
Indeed. It's optional here.

By no means as reliable and fast as the human eye. I only use it on roads when almost no-one's around (it happens to struggle recognizing the environment very well, thus automatically untimely switching on/off, which understandably annoys other road users + it often gets confused by reflections on road signs, unduly automatically switching off).

Other aspect. As I posted a couple of months ago, I suspect that, due to the space reserved for the high beam assist icon, the unit/measure no longer seems to fit on the first line of the info display of the on-board computer. All I get when pressing the button on the turn indicator lever is (regardless whether high beam assist is active or inactive):
- a symbol + a figure on the first line (+ gear shift display)
- the unit/measure on the second line (which should normally feature on the the first line too).
- odometer and trip distance recorder vanish from the second line.
For causing the vanished odometer and trip distance recorder to reappear, I got to push the button a couple of times running through all first line data. Quite annoying. My SA has no idea and queried BMW HQ as to the reason for this impractical lay-out. He passed on my suggestion whether it's due to the high beam assist icon. No answer so far.

To all those with a 135i or 1M featuring the high beam assist option too: same lay-out as pictured below (sorry for the mediocre picture quality - quickly shot with my BB)?

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