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Originally Posted by frazo View Post
Looks like OEM wheels to me
Similar but different. OEM 359 M Y-spoke Competition rims (compared to BBS CH-R rims):
  • 8 U-shapes and 8 Y-shapes (instead of 7 U-shapes and 7 Y-shapes)
  • the U-shape pattern is more rectangular and smaller, alike a tuning fork (instead of more rounded corners and a bit broader);
  • the Y-shape pattern is sitting lower (almost V-shape) (instead of more Y-shape than V-shape);
  • ///M logo + BMW roundel (of course) (instead of engraved "Motorsport" and BBS lettering + BBS roundel + BBS valve);
  • no gunmetal available (only silver [1M] or black [M3 GTS]) (instead of "Satin Titanium" [gunmetal]).
Design-wise in general: the stock 1M rims are more straight lines + sharper corners (more "busy" if you want), while the BBS CH-R has less straight lines + softer corners (more "airy" if you want).

Oh, and guess who's the manufacturer of the stock 1M rims ?

359 M Y-spoke Competition:
Name:  BMW_1M_wheel.jpg
Views: 2012
Size:  44.2 KBName:  BMW_1M_wheel2.jpg
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Size:  15.7 KB

Name:  BBS_CH-R_Titanium.jpg
Views: 2304
Size:  22.3 KBName:  BBS_CH-R_Titanium2.jpg
Views: 4408
Size:  16.1 KB

Examples of back-to-back comparison between OEM 359 M Y-spoke Competition rims (BSM) and gunmetal BBS CH-R rims (VO):

Name:  VO_BSM.jpg
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Size:  214.3 KB
Name:  BSM_VO_04.jpg
Views: 1764
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