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Originally Posted by infinitekid2002 View Post
Sucks cops didn't arrive in time...I'd have fired a warning shot but i think he got the message.
The only warning shot should be center mass and it'll serve as a warning to anyone else that wants to try and steal others property.

In all seriousness... nobody should ever fire a warning shot. The purpose of a firearm is for protection and should never be used or brandished unless you are prepared to use it and stop the threat. Most states and countries dont even allow "warning" shots. Case in point... Here in Florida a wife fired a warning shot in the house to warn off her abusive husband who was about to attack her in their home a few weeks ago. He threatened her life and was coming after her. She was arrested for discharging the weapon and was just sentenced to 20 years in federal prison because of it while the abisive A-hole gets to live, and repeat the abusive attitude towards more woman. She gets the "minimum" sentence of 20 years and would have walked away free of any charges if she just put 2 in his chest and claimed self defense under the "stand your ground" law. She now has 20 years to think about never firing warning shots ever again...

On a side note to this thread... I would try and re-locate the OBD-II port and leave the OEM one there as a dummy. Im sure it could be done.