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Lightbulb Fuse removal !

Moving the OBD port or duct taping it has already been proposed to adress the OBD abuse vulnerability of the 1M.

What about fuse removal as cheap and easy alternative to give thieves a hard(er) time to rapidly dash off with your 1M parked on the driveway ? If you leave your car for a longer period, remove an essential fuse from the fuse box, but allow the car to remain locked, the alarm to go off if necessary and accessible when you use your keyfob.

According to the fuse box scheme fuses 2 [15 Ampère] and 74 [5 Ampère] are the ones powering the OBD. Except if mistaken, fuse 74 also powers the dashboard. Remove these (probably only fuse 74) and the OBD is brain dead. Maybe the car cannot even be driven.

Thieves will be puzzled, because they can't figure out why they can't use your 1M OBD for reprogramming the key with their device. If they realize that an essential fuse must be missing, they need to figure out the fuse box configuration. But for all thieves, time is of the essence, so most will dash off. The skilled ones will take the effort to check out the fuse box. However, their movements will trigger the alarm. And, of course, to make it even more difficult for them, don't leave the removed fuses in the near vicinity of the fuse box (eventually take them out the car). Thieves got to know to bring spare fuses...

You can also consider removing other fuses preventing the car from being driven (start/stop, etc.), but be careful not to mess with it.

I did not try this yet, but tech heads over here will undoubtedly be able to tell us about the pros and cons of fuse removal.

Here's the scheme of the 1M fuse box:
(see: (also features in the Manuals Sticky:

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