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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
So which fuse(s) do we need to pull ???
Looks like #2 and #74 - right?
If you look at the fuse box diagram (, you'll notice that:
- fuse #2 (15Amp) powers OBD
- fuse #74 (5Amp) powers OBD + dashboard (well, at least I think that's the icon for it)

If you look at the picture, you'll notice that there is no fuse in fuse slot #2 (second left of the first row of fuse slots). Fuse slot #74 (third left of the last row of fuse slots) is taken though. Got to check whether that's also the case in my 1M. If affirmative, OBD and dashboard are powered by fuse #74 only (third left of the last row of fuse slots). According to the fuse box diagram fuse #74 is not used for something else than OBD and dashboard.

So here's my theory, if of any help: if you're away for sometime (e.g. leaving your car at the airport), remove fuse #74: OBD is brain dead and potential thieves will be outsmarted and surprised (except if they figured it out in the meantime and brought spare fuses). Hide the fuse at some hidden spot or take it with you (and keep some 5Amp spares in case you lose, blow or break the one for fuse #74).

Did not test it yet. Wondering wheter the car can still be (un)locked, alarm armed, etc. without fuse #74. Wanna test, Dackel ?
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