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Originally Posted by stolen1m View Post
My BMW 1M stolen without keys in 3 minutes! This is a video of a 43,000 BMW 1M Stolen at 3am in 3 minutes. The thieves accomplished this by accessing the BMW OBD port in the footwell by breaking the glass, reaching in and using a device to reprogram a blank key fob. The car was simply then unlocked and pushed off the drive and driven away.

BMW doesn't seem to want to admit they have a problem, even though over 300 cars have been stolen in March 2012 in a single UK county.

May i ask you to confirm the software version of your car? This keyless/key codeing car thefting is exist almost one and half year ago. As much as i know, BMW made some changes in the newer software versions (from febr or march, but not confirmed offically), which means in this case it is not possible to code a new key to the car with this method. But it is always just a question of time, maybe there is a newer version of this method as well.

On my BMWs i am using an anti-theft system, which was developed and manufactured by my friend a few yeras ago here at Hungary. More than 2.000 car is protected by this system (Porsche, BMW, Audi, and other vendors).

This system uses a two-factor authentication methid to unlock the protection system. First you have to authenticate yourself with a special coded key transponder. During this first level authentication, a one-time-use password is used between the transponder and the central-system to authenticate each other. The key transponder has a three cm efficent range, so you realy should put it close the the reader.

If the first authentication was ok, than you can open the doors without alarming and start the car/engine, but after the car moves away you have to authenticate yourself again. During this second authentication, you have to give your personal code, mainly on the steering wheel buttons. For example: turn audio level up x 2 and then push BC. It is your choice, what iwill be your personal key combination, which is programmed during the installation. If one of the authentication fails, the engine isnt starting or will shut down and the system alarms.
If you would like to open the engine boot, you also have to provide the two factor auth. Without these, you cannot open the engine boot.
Engine bay should be kept closed, as the central system located in the engne bay, therefore needs to be protected.

If the theft stole your BMW key and your key transponder, than they can ope your car, they can start the engine and drive your car for a few meters as the second authentication also should be raised. But the theft does not know, what is your personal code, therefore the engine will shut down and the car will alarm.

If the theft try to lift up your car, it alarms as well.

In Hungary BMW is using a switch, which is hidden and interrupt the ODB port. This is not the best option as maybe easily can be found.