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Originally Posted by WULFFZA View Post
"BMW is doing nothing about it" Not BMWs problem that the UK can't combat its car theft problem with law enforcement. How do the cars magically disappear from the island anyway? Do they get chopped? Do they not have automated databases of VIN numbers, insurance records, police reports etc?

Reading the BMWCar UK magazine monthly is good education. The US remains the place to be for car fanatics. Everywhere else seems worse off with respect to one or all of the following - Purchase cost, inventory selection, delivery lag time, sales taxes, service and parts cost and availability, insurance cost, emissions taxes, specialty plates cost, finance rates etc.
True. On the other hand our roads are so much more fun to drive on! In general that is. Probably are a lot of great roads in the US also but in general around the large cities the roads sucks. Straight lines and heavy traffic. Been in a bunch of cities and driven around and in general it sucks bigtime! ;-)Nothing compares to some of the great and windy roads we have over here where the 1M can really show what it was made for... ;-)