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Ok, ever since I went to BMW to buy a replacement key to my car that I lost I thought it was easy to steal my car. I cant remember if they went in my car or not but I remember ordering a new key from them. When the key finally arrived to my house (it wasnt shipped form dealer) it wouldnt work but after I stuck it into the keyhole it worked.

"Anti-theft alarm system with keyhead remote operation and interior motion detector" I assume 2012 M3 has the factory alarm. I remember it as an option when I ordered my car. The red thing under my rearview mirror doesnt flash like the people with the factory alarm and it doesnt chirp when locked. So I bet mine doesnt have motion detector correct? So a BMW with factory alarm is one that has the red flashing lights and chirps when locked correct?

I am glad I didnt get factory alarm now knowing how useless it is.

Btw does the traditional door lock opener work? The one you slip down the window to unlock the door? That wouldnt trigger the alarm right? Since I believe I read the OP saying the smashed his window to get to the OBD port.

Just trying to figure out how someone can steal my car...
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